I faced saving data to database using Form in CakePHP 3.0. In backend i am using MySql database. Here is my experiences... {details}

CakePHP-3.0: How to Set Page Title to Pages

Setting a page title is as simple as you think.

Suppose you have a few posts in your blog post. By default CakePHP will fetch it's table name in the title. We assume you have ArticlesTable. According to the Cake convention you have an ArticlesController. You made a view function in the controller from where you want to display your posts dynamically.... {details}

Sometimes you are unable to view your localhost/projectName, it happens when you make a fresh install PHP, Apache2 on Ubuntu (14.04). Even you can not visit further like controllers etc. I have an experience on it.

And also its say if you visit furthers controllers that The request URL /projectName/ControllerNames was not found on this server. Apache/2.x.x (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80.... {details}

You can change favicon from .ico to any extension like .png , .jpg etc…

We are assuming your favicon.png under img directory like YourProjectName/webroot/img/favicon.png

... {details}

Ubuntu : Some Tricks Together That May Help

There are a few tricks together for Ubuntu users that may help someone.

I always forget these simple commands whenever I need. That is why I simply combine them to get together.

To get the information of bits of your operating system using commands line

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ uname -m

//Output would be x86_64

... {details}